What Is a Pre-Roll?
Hemp-derived CBD rolls are among the most popular products in the industry. They provide a familiar method of consumption for those who prefer smokable products like joints and cigars. Our pre-rolls require no grinding or rolling. Simply, remove your CBD pre-roll from its package, light it up, and enjoy! Our pre-rolls are made with the purest, high-quality full-spectrum hemp flower, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN. Our hemp CBD pre-rolls contain untraceable levels of THC so that they will produce no “high” or psychoactive effects. For stronger smokable products, check out our Dreamwave caviar joints made with Delta-8 THC.
Benefits of CBD Pre-Rolls
Our hemp pre-rolls deliver all the soothing benefits of CBD and all other beneficial compounds found in full-spectrum hemp. Some of the most common benefits include feelings of calmness, temporary stress relief, and reduced physical discomfort. Depending on the strain you choose, other benefits of hemp leaf pre-rolls may include:

Deep relaxation
Feelings of euphoria
Improved physical recovery
Feelings of inner balance
Improved stress management
Enhanced sleep at night
Improved mood

Our CBD pre-rolls are currently available in a wide variety of aromatic and flavorful strains, including LA Cheesecake, Creamsicle CBG, and Gelato. We suggest that you learn about each of these strains and their potential benefits, so you can choose a pre-roll product that best meets your specific needs and preferences.
Hemp Pre-Roll Joint Suggested Use
You can smoke our hemp pre-rolls in the same ways you would any other joint. Simply remove each pre-roll from its protective case, light it up, and enjoy! No need to break up, grind, or roll any flower.
Delta-8 Hemp Pre-Roll Dosage Information
If you are new to CBD and hemp, the rule of thumb is that you use small doses at first. For example, you can start with a half of one CBD pre-roll and see how you feel after 20-40 minutes. If you are not experiencing the results you desire, continue smoking or even increase to an entire joint.
Pre Roll FAQs
How do I know which strain is good for me?
We have detailed descriptions of each strain on our website. You can also get more information about our strains on the internet, as these are well-known strains popular among consumers.
What’s in a CBD pre-roll?
Our pre-rolls only contain pure, natural hemp flower grown on American farms. The flower we use is 100% full-spectrum, meaning it contains all the beneficial compounds found naturally in hemp, including CBD, CBG, CBN, terpenes, and flavonoids.
How do you keep pre-rolls fresh?
For maximum freshness, keep CBD flower pre-rolls away from moisture, light, and extreme temperatures. We recommend storing your pre-rolls in an ‘airtight’ container like the “doob tube” it comes in.
Can I save half a pre-roll for later?
Yes! Keep any “used” pre-rolls in their “doob tube” for later use. Doob tubes are the cylindrical containers that they come in. They are specially designed for pre-rolls and joints as they provide an airtight and smell-proof seal.

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