Dreamwave Caviar Joints in Fort Lauderdale

Our best-selling Dreamwave caviar joints are a fun and delicious way to relax, relieve stress, and enjoy yourself. Made from natural hemp flower, coated with Delta-8 distillate and pure kief, our caviar joints are guaranteed to provide a unique, out-of-this-world feeling.

What Is a Caviar Joint?

Caviar buds have been popular in the hemp industry for some time now. Caviar refers to raw flowers dipped in hemp oil (our Delta-8 variant is dipped in Delta-8 distillate) and coated in kief, which is the crystal-like powder that coats the outside of a bud chock-full of beneficial cannabinoids.

Caviar flower is considered to be some of the highest quality hemp available on the market today—and now we are taking this concept to a whole new level with our top-shelf Dreamwave CBD caviar joints!

Benefits of CBD Caviar Pre-Rolls

Our Dreamwave caviar pre-rolled joints deliver all the natural benefits of CBD enhanced by the natural properties of cannabinoids and terpenes found in kief. Some of the most common benefits include feelings of relaxation and reduced physical discomfort. Our Delta-8 caviar joints may promote:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Improved physical recovery
  • Feelings of inner balance
  • Improved stress management
  • Enhanced sleep at night
  • Improved mood

Our Dreamwave Delta-8 caviar joints are currently available in a variety of strains, including Purple Krush, Cereal Milk, and The OG. We recommend that you learn about each of these strains and their effects so that you can choose a product that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Caviar Joint Suggested Use

Our Dreamwave caviar joints are made so that you can smoke them in the same way you would any other hemp joint. No need to grind or roll any flower. Simply, remove each joint from its protective case, light it up, and enjoy!

Delta-8 Caviar Pre-Roll Dosage Information

If this is your first time using Delta-8 products, take a conservative approach. Our Delta-8 THC joints may produce psychoactive properties, so it is strongly recommended that you begin using a small dosage. Start with a half of one pre-rolled joint, and see how you feel after 20 minutes. If the psychoactive effects are not too strong for you, continue smoking this same amount or even increase to a whole joint.

After smoking Delta-8 joints, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery. You should also avoid both our caviar joints if you are tested for drugs regularly. Today, most drug tests will not distinguish between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC, which is the main psychoactive compound associated with recreational marijuana use.

Dreamwave Caviar Pre-Rolls FAQs

What goes into caviar pre-rolls?

Our Dreamwave pre-rolls are made with pure hemp flower and hemp-derived kief, but they are dipped in a special Delta-8 distillate for stronger effects.

Why is it called “caviar”?

The name “caviar” is widely used across the industry to describe cannabis buds enriched with kief and hemp-based oils. The word is intended to describe a luxury, top-shelf product designed to provide a unique experience.

Is this different than smoking regular hemp flower?

In terms of how you smoke it, regular joints and caviar joints are no different. The difference is in how caviar joints make you feel. The combination of raw flower, kief, and Delta-8 in caviar joints can provide stronger effects than your regular hemp CBD joint.

Does smoking caviar taste different compared to other hemp products?

Yes! Due to their rich terpene profile, caviar pre-rolls also have a more pleasant aroma and taste.

How strong are caviar joints?

Unlike regular CBD pre-rolls, our Dreamwave Delta-8 joints possess potent psychoactive properties that produce a “high-like” effect when consumed.

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