A recent study published in The International Journal of Neurophamacology states that Cannabidiol (CBD) can help to stimulate neurogenesis in the brain. The birth of new neurons through neurogenesis occurs in the hippocampus part of the brain which is associated mostly with consciousness, memory and navigation.

Neurogenesis in Adulthood

Neurogenesis in adulthood was thought to be impossible in the past although recent studies have found a different story. According to the study, neurogenesis is responsible for creating new neurons within the brain that process and carry information to the necessary destinations in the body. This is said to improve overall function in the body. The importance of adult-born neurons have become more important as more research has been performed on the subject. One common interest for studies have revolved around adult neurogenesis research and its relation to stress.

Benefits Of Neurogenesis:

  • The production of new neurons in adulthood shows to correlate with depression.
  • A number of antidepressants attribute their success to stimulating the process of neurogenesis.
  • Furthermore, multiple studies have linked neurogenesis to levels of stress.
  • Stress-relieving activities, such as exercising, have been found to increase the rate of Neuron production.
  • Animal observations have shown that this production decreases when under stress.
  • CBD is said to help create neurons and relieve stress

CBD and Neurogenesis

Research suggests that it could help regulate stress levels. Cannabis & Hemp strains with high levels of CBD are typically known for relieving chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and a number of other conditions. The medicinal value of CBD Oil has been under intense investigation as of late and more benefits seem to present themselves every day. Based on studies, a consistent 30 mg dose of CBD within two hours after a daily stressor has shown to increase neuron production in adult wild mice. Researchers first caused mice to be stressed and within two hours later, the researchers administered 30 mg of CBD Oil to the mice and recorded the levels of neurogenesis. Their findings were that the CBD Oil enhanced the increase in neuron production and battled the effects of chronic unpredictable stress. These findings show another one of the many benefits that stem from CBD, a relatively rare cannabinoid. More research must be done on how it can be used in medications for years to come.